The colorful rear shells are what give each handset its personality

The colorful rear shells are what give each handset its personality. The G shares these characteristics with its brethren.
By modern standards, the Moto meizu m2 note review G is an average-sized handset. Thanks to the 5-inch screen the phone is somewhat big, but it stops short of being over-sized like Motorola's own Nexus 6. The dimensions are nearly identical to last year's handset: it's 1mm taller, wider, and thicker, and just 0.2 ounces heavier. Most people will be pleased with the size, as it’s easy to use one-handed. The phone could be thinner, but the overall footprint is acceptable. It should fit into most pockets without problem, but it might be noticeable if your pants are tight.

Motorola used good materials to assemble the phone, which is put together tightly. HDC S5 The rear shell is formed by a coated rubber and the seams are snug. The glass panel on front is fitted well in the polycarbonate frame that holds it in place. The G isn't made from the highest-quality stuff, but it's still made well enough.

Motorola's three main smartphones (X, G, E) bear a striking family resemblance.Each has the same basic look and shaping, with horizontal slits above and below the screen, rounded corners, and a figured rear surface that tapers towards the edges.