truely a wig

endorsed tools: wig hair pieces, hair clips. Kaka with the hair within the unique ponytail, you can contend with nature. brazilian front lace wig is so elegant!

brazilian virgin remy hair is my love.

similarly to this wig piece, there are other forms of wig ponytail, appearance! Magical wig hair piece to create a herbal invisible long bangs.


not able to undergo the painful procedure of leaving long bangs? Come and study stealth method bangs it quick, we want to take note of that side of the face on each aspects of the longitudinal roll bangs do modeling, brief bangs radians its settlement, who discover it?


the way to do?

1. respectively about Mei Feng for the line, use the tip of tail comb hair partition.


2. were delivered at about Mei Feng boundary near the real colour of the wig hair piece.


3. the first use of pointed tail comb to make the partition for the line around the nook and across the hairline are near the edge of the partition line, upload a wig piece.

 I want to find a brazilian virgin hair wholesale .

four. carved hair, use hair sticks to the face left and proper vertical hair executed within the volume, use hair glue hair.