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The temperature difference between inlet air and inlet hot water is an effective parameter in the creation and growth of supersaturated zone. The effect of the inlet hot water temperature on the development of supersaturated zone with a constant inlet air temperature equal 25 °C is shown in Fig. 10. Other initial conditions are the same as the previous sample in Fig. 9. The ratio of the supersaturated volume to the total volume of the packed bed is plotted versus inlet hot water temperature in this AM580 figure. In this case, when inlet hot water temperature is more than 39.2 °C, saturated zone will appear and develop in higher inlet temperatures. It can be seen smooth muscle for inlet hot temperature of 70 °C, more than 30% of packed bed volume is located in the supersaturated zone.
Fig. 10. Effect of inlet temperature of hot water on development of supersaturated zone.(L = 0.25 kg/s; L/G = 1; Tg,in = 25 °C; Φg,in = 30%).Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide