Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

In 2004, my parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. I was twenty-one at that time and remember convinced that I couldn't imagine being wedded to one person for that long - longer than I'd been alive!

Little did I know, I'd become engaged fourteen days later and have been married at this point for over seven years. Twenty-five years still seems such as a long time to deal with my husbands' dirty socks on the floor and his love of all things hunting, but it no more seems like a lifetime. Actually, between new jobs, two kids, new homes, and everything in between, it feels as though seven years have got flown by and I can only imagine how quickly another eighteen will go.

It takes a lot of work to produce a marriage last. It's not at all times easy to live with someone day in and day out, deal with all of life's challenges, but still remain close to one another. Every anniversary ought to be celebrated. It is an opportunity to look back again and appreciate everything you've experienced together and look ahead to everything that lies forward.

Everyone has seen the list of traditional anniversary presents. Some are strange - desk units for your 7th anniversary, musical instruments for your 24th, or groceries for your 44th. But most presents on the lists are presents that anyone would like to receive - jewelry, home furniture, watches, and more.

Most couples celebrate kado pernikahan unik anniversaries: 25th, 40th, and 50th. My Special Place has presents specific to each of these milestone anniversaries. Whether you're investing in a gift for your partner or for a couple of celebrating an anniversary, My Special Place could have exactly what you need.

The traditional present for a 25th loved-one's birthday is silver. My Special Place has silver picture frames and photos albums. In addition they provide rosaries, rosary bracelets, necklaces, key rings, and visor clips. Finally, they bring a 25th Belleek China plate with the following anniversary blessing: -Might your mornings bring joy; as well as your evenings bring peace; may your difficulties grow few; as your blessings increase.-

The traditional present for a 40th wedding anniversary is ruby. My Particular Place offers a lovely rose figurine and a ruby votive candle holder.

The traditional present for a 50th wedding anniversary is gold. My Particular Place offers gold picture frames, picture albums, and wall crosses. They also have gold jewelry and rosaries. Finally, My Special Place offers a 50th anniversary Belleek China plate.