How to Decorate Your Bedroom with Duvet Covers and Decorative Pillows

Your bedroom can turn into a stylish and relaxing space with the right mix of furniture, bedding and accessories. You can add color and texture to your bedroom decor by choosing the right accessories like plush decorative pillows. Accessories can be practical as well as ornamental, such as duvet covers, throws and rugs, which introduce bright accents in a bedroom and help to complete the look of your decor.

Duvet covers help to protect duvets and comforters from dirt and damage. They also help to keep the bed clean and fresh. It may not be possible to regularly launder bedding like down or silk comforters but covers can be easily washed and maintained. Duvet covers can be made from different fabrics like cotton, linen, silk or satin.. Do check more about Online Furniture Shopping Pune , Furniture Shop in Bangalore and Furniture Stores in Pune .

The quality of cotton covers can be discerned from the thread count; the higher the thread count, the better the quality. For good quality bedding, opt for a thread count of 400 or more. The covers are held together with buttons, snaps or ties. Choose a cover that can be removed easily for cleaning purposes. You can also invest in reversible duvet covers, so you can give your bed a new look just by flipping the covers. The size of your cover depends on the size of your comforter or duvet. If you have a king or a queen sized duvet, choose a duvet cover accordingly. There is a wide collection of colors and patterns available ranging from muted pastels to bright floral patterns.

A stack of decorative pillows on the bed makes it look comfy and plush. Pillows are extremely versatile accessories you can easily find a pattern that complements the decor of your bedroom. Vibrantly-colored decorative pillows can uplift the look of your bedroom. Pillows in earth tones like green, tan and yellow give the room a natural look. If you have all-white bedding, these earth toned pillows will enhance the beauty of pure white bedding. If your bedroom is decorated with light furniture and pastel walls, you can introduce vivid pops of color with decorative pillows. Bold red or brilliant blue pillows are eye-catching when places against a neutral backdrop. You can easily transform your bedroom into a style haven with the creative use of throw pillows and duvet covers.