QM200E2Y-HB Mitsubishi IGBT Module

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QM200E2Y-HB is one of the best innovations of Mitsubishi IGBT modules that’s perfect to power up various inverters. With the combined features of a BJT and MOSFET module, QM200E2Y-HB can enhance the performance of inverters and function beyond the limit without compromising the system. With a light weight of 1.04 lbs., this device can give 1200 output voltage.


QM200E2Y-HB has its own freewheeling diode to get rid of flybacks during the induction loading process. Its own components and other parts have been isolated from heat sinking baseplates to attain a simplified construction and design.


To ensure that the current rating won’t wear off, Mitsubishi QM200E2Y-HB has been equipped with square RBSOA. To enhance durability and efficiency, this Mitsubishi IGBT module has low saturation voltage, overcurrent limiting function that’s three times better than the usual rate, and a three dimensional power semiconductor device. These aspects enable QM200E2Y-HB to fully function even on high frequency operations!