Home Farming Photo Essay - they grow so fast!

I cant believe how fast my garden is growing, and how tips from fellow Gatherers have helped! Thank all of you SO much! Since I live in the desert, I had to find a place in my yard that had shelter from the harsh mid-day sun. My garden gets good morning and afternoon sun only. Here are more pics from my garden:

The Mr. Stripey tomato has grown past the top of the trellis, but no signs of tomatoes yet. A Gather friend told me this type of tomato is the last to fruit, so Im not worried, it looks healthy and strong:

My Roma tomato had a rough start, but it is now growing like crazy:

Apparently I planted my cherry tomatoes too close together, so I advise giving them a lot of space between plants. The yellow is on the left, red on the right:

The bell peppers have kicked in:

Here is the beginning of my first redbell pepper!

And the yellow bell pepper also has started:

After seeing mint in so many other Gatherers gardens, I added some to mine:

My husbands hot pepper is growing, but no flowers yet:

The Japanese eggplant is getting so big I staked it up:

The first eggplant is almost 7, it is ready when it it 10, so I dont have long to wait!

The cilantro plants are sprouting well, I can almost start using them:

The parsley, not so much.. :(

The Zuchini is getting big, but no blooms yet:

After seeing cucmbers in other Gatherers gardens, I added one to mine he has some catching up to do:

Not much change in the blackberry, but it does look like it might be starting to bloom

I read a tip from another Gatherer to stake up the cantaloupe, and the tendrils have grabbed on and the plant is growing like crazy:

The first cantaloupe bloom!

My sons sunflower plant is growing nicely:

This amazes me. A fellow Gatherite said you could root the tomato branches you trim from your plants. I decided to try it, and after only 4 days, look roots!

Thank all of you for your tips and support. I wish I could remember who tipped what, but my memory is not that great (fill my mind with tips and the names cant fit in, LOL).

Good luck to all of you on your wonderful gardens!