Unique Geriatric & Alheimer Gift

Program & Activity Directors of pension and assisted living communities have found that the upright magnetic puzzles, provide many great benefits for the elderly both within their care and enjoyment of life. Heads Up Puzzles provides magnetic jigsaw puzzles with a portable stand. The upright format permits those to once again enjoy jigsaw puzzles who need to either sit upright or in bed, therefore the name "Heads Up". The pieces stay static in place and the puzzle could be easily moved, kept and restarted at another time. The upright format also puts less strain on the neck and shoulders providing a far more ergonomic approach. The parts are bigger than usual puzzle pieces which will make them easier to see also to manage. Different sizes of magnetic puzzles are available, providing for the capability to complete in a single session, great for imparting the sense of accomplishment instead of failure.

As well as the many wonderful age-suitable and tranquil stock images obtainable, Heads Up Puzzles creates custom jigsaw puzzles. A custom puzzle of either family, friends or memorable events can be a wonderful and therapeutic present everyone can enjoy and specifically those suffering from Alzheimer's. Recent research have confirmed that storage stimulating activities are beneficial for the aging and great for Alzheimer individuals and Heads Up Puzzles has generated a product that targets just that need.

Caregivers, like Brenda, are enthused by the unique benefits supplied by Heads Up Puzzles. "This product was an absolutely wonderful get! The puzzles make great presents for elderly people or those whose physical exercise is limited. There are dozens ofhadiah ulang tahun untuk pacar, kado ulang tahun untuk pacar designs to select from, and custom options are also obtainable. The puzzle pieces are bigger than usual and thus simpler to work with, and the stand is quite easy to or store in a flattened type. I was desperate for something to give to friends in nursing homes, and was ecstatic when I found these puzzles to be an ideal present." - Brenda Hillyer - Hendersonville, NC.

We caught up with the founder of Heads Up , Paul Johnson at the 2010 AAHSA show (American Association of Homes and Services for the Maturing) and asked him how he developed the idea. " I have to give partial credit to my mom, one day I was accompanying her on a doctors appointment and while in the waiting space I noticed some traditional jigsaw puzzles on a desk, I mentioned what a good plan. My mother quickly remarked, "not for me personally, I've trouble bending my throat over, I haven't performed a jigsaw puzzle in years." Paul thought, "imagine if we were to make them upright, a far more ergonomic approach so those having difficulty bending over could once again enjoy jigsaw puzzles", and therefore Heads Up Puzzles was made. "What provides been inspiring is hat although originally developed with comfort at heart, our customers have realized many other benefits". One such benefit is the ability to benefit from the puzzle long after it really is completed, especially for those wonderful custom made puzzles. You can screen the puzzle upright on a shelf, table or even hang it on the wall.