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Volgin Equities and its subsidiaries (" Volgins ") is an international alternative investment manager. We are contrarian, value-oriented investors in private equity and  real  estate, with significant hospitality industry expertise. We operate our businesses in an integrated manner which we believe distinguishes us from other alternative investment managers. We have applied this investment philosophy over our history, deploying capital across Volgins the balance sheet of industry leading  businesses, and seeking to create value for our investors throughout economic cycles. Our team applies skills derived from the ongoing asset management of a diverse range of properties across all segments. Our clients benefit from an VolginEquities objective alternative perspective on a range of asset management services. We raise, invest and manage equity on behalf of some of the world’s most prominent funds as well as other institutional and individual investors. Whether an investor, developer, owner or operator, we have multiple off-market opportunities that provide in-place NOI and cash flow with IRR over 15% as well as excitement distressed assets. Real estate equity. We acquire and manage high-quality, income-producing assets at discounts to replacement costs like developmentVolginIndustries opportunities, commercial real estate, residential portfolios, office, retail hospitality and industrial segments. Development and reconstruction. Dealing with Vadim Volgin the upside potential is a very sensitive business, where every point is accountable. Best team of contractors and construction management is a key to success. Private Equity. Direct investments in pre-selected high-quality private businesses. We accesses investments globally in a wide range of industries by Volgins playing a vital role in providing businesses with needed capital to realize growth potential in tech, retail, food&beverage and energy sectors.  Ivest  from $500,000 to get a green cards for the whole family and return on the investment. Multiple opportunities available in NYC and two in South VolginEquitiesFlorida. 12% Cap rate hotel in the heart of Florida, in the second most popular destination of the United States. Full service property in good location. Assign your house or condominium with our vacation rentals program, and start making income from your properties with no efforts and risks. The NYC location makes around 20% in returns, this is the most VolginIndustries expensive shoe brand. There no locations in Miami. Art Deco style, recently renovated hotel in steps from the Ocean in the center of South Beach. Has profitable retail portion. Assign your house or condominium with our vacation rentals program, and start making income from your properties with no efforts and risks. Vadim VolginThere is strong demand for not expensive coffee shops in Aspen and area. Multiple nation-wide franchises have not locked this market yet. While good cap rate for offices considers at 5% in NYC, this opportunity presents potential up to 11%.