Wikipedia And The Nofollow Controversy

If you're not involved in the search engine marketing group, January 21st, 2007 probably held no value for you. However, if you're a search engine marketer or SEO, you probably remember January 21st while the time that Wikipedia died. To the untrained eye, Wikipedia is precisely the exact same today as it had been 6 months before. But, once you look below the top and take a peek, you can see one difference that's had an impact on the world of search engine optimization: NOFOLLOW.

In the language of Matt Cutts, 'rel='nofollow' credit can be an easy way for a site to tell search-engines that the web site cant or doesnt want to vouch for a link.' Before January 21st, NOFOLLOW was used mainly for blog comments. This served weblog owners cut down on comment spam. NOFOLLOW was also utilized in some situations to denote a link, but this can be a whole other conflict which will have to be stored for another report.

The reason why that Wikipedias adoption of NOFOLLOW on each confident link caused many people viewed it as the absolute most hypocritical decision that Wikipedia may have made such a mix is. The main reason that Wikipedia is now so common and works so well in the SERPs is that bloggers and site owners normally research Wikipedia. When they do that, they give a link back to Wikipedia. Every time this process occurs, Wikipedia gets a bit more acceptance in the search-engines. They are telling the search engines that even though we reference a site and may use content from it within our report, we do not want you to give it any credit, when Wikipedia decided to apply the draw. It's because of this that lots of have started to view Wikipedia as a hypocrisy. Discover extra resources on this related web resource by clicking read reference. Learn more on our favorite partner web page by going to more info.

Wikipedia could have chosen an alternative way of fighting spam that did not punish quality web sites which deserve to be identified by Wikipedia, though NOFOLLOW has probably reduce the total amount of spam Wikipedia has to battle, but as much others have explained..