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How to Decorate With an Eclectic Style Identify three decor anchors. These will be the basic starting point for the entire design of the room. It's very easy to get carried away with an eclectic design, and end up with a hodgepodge look as opposed to the funky yet polished appearance eclecticism is supposed to provide. The anchors you Isabel Marant identify will prevent this. One of your anchors should be a color. This color choice is entirely a matter of personal taste. There are no color limits or guidelines within the eclectic style. A good starting point for this anchor is to go to a local paint store and look at the swatches. See which color speaks to you and take that paint swatch with you. It will really come in handy when you're doing your shopping.

The other two anchor pieces you choose can be anything: a vase, table linen or even a piece of artwork. You are only limited by your imagination. You don't have to provide an explanation to yourself or to anyone else why you choose these anchor pieces. Simply choose objects that speak to you. So if you're drawn to an antique box for no apparent reason, go with it! Follow your instincts to create a space that is truly inspirational to you. While these two anchors do not have to be the same color (or even close) as the color you chose for your first anchor, try to select complimentary items. isabel marant shoes By making sure that your three anchor pieces are related in some way (such as complimentary coloring, style, period, etc.), you will ensure yourself a polished eclectic space.

Go shopping for decor that falls into the same tread as one or more of your anchor pieces. Look for similarities in styling, color, period, texture and finish. Always keep the anchor pieces in mind (and if possible, in hand) while shopping. While an eclectic style rejects a "matchy" environment, tying everything in the room back to one of your three anchor pieces will provide a crisp, clean look to the room. The closer the decor pieces you by are related to your anchor pieces, isabel marant sneakers sale the more you can buy. So if you're buying pillows exactly the color of you first anchor, for example, go nuts and buy dozens for a funky lounge look. On the other hand, if you buying in contrasting color, decorate sparingly. Once again, this will avoid a potentially cluttered look.