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Testosterone concentrations may vary depending on the age and the effects of other biological variables. Therefore, other Sirolimus (such as LH and FSH) and transporter proteins (such as SHBG and albumin) should be taken into account to understand differences in testosterone levels. This study has two objectives: a) to analyse the interactions between testosterone levels and CAG repeat length polymorphism as a moderator of AR sensitivity with regard to impulsiveness traits, and b) to analyse the role of other biological variables (LH, FSH, SHBG and albumin) in the relationship between testosterone levels, and CAG length polymorphism with impulsiveness.
2. Method
2.1. Sample
Participants were 105 male Caucasian volunteers recruited from students and university staff. The age range was from 17 to 53 years (mean 26.71 ± 9.68 SEM). All measures were anonymously collected. All subjects signed an informed consent and received a monetary reward (30 Euros) for participating in the study. This study was approved by the ethical committee of the University of Lleida.