White Horse of the Six Seals Open--Signs

There are 8 factors happening at this time; 1. Beginning of Sorrows 2. Jubilee of the Priesthood 3. Gathering of Israel 4. Separation of Wheat and tares 5. Restoration of the Church 6. Day time of Visitation 7. Hour of Temptation 8. Second8thWeek of Enoch;Including the 3rd day of Hosea

The White Horse involves more than ONE point. The gathering of Israel and the restoration of the Church.

REVELATION 6:2 -And I saw, and behold a White-colored HORSE: and he that sat on him got a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he proceeded to go forth conquering, also to conquer.-

1. Color 2. Crown 3. Bow 4. Conquering 5. Conquer 6. Person

This displays a multiple of Signals for the Church and the world. Following the White Horse you will see increased social and financial woes. We witness this today. As the returning of the Jews to Palestine God begins the Abrahamic clock of the last hour being 100 years and the 4th Ascent.

BOTH Clocks of Prophesy 12 Hour = a century 4th Ascent =100 years These take place in a single age of time.

The Apocalypse of Abraham

Chapters: 28:5 -And in the 4th Ascent is certainly 100 years. And One Hour of this will also be 100 years in evil among the heathen and an Hour in their mercy even with reproaches as among the heathen.-

29:2 -And He (Lord) said, -I decreed to keep 12 Periods of the impious age among the heathens and among your seed, and what you have seen will be until the END OF TIME.-

29:9 -In the LAST Times in this 12th Hour of impiety, in the 12th Period of the age of My fulfilment I will setup this man from your tribe the one whom you have seen from My people.-

30:2 -And He thought to me, I will explain to you (Abraham) everything you desired in your cardiovascular, for you have sought to learn the 10 plagues which I ready against the heathen, and I ready them before hand in the passage of the 12 Hours on the planet.-

We see these very plagues following in the form of intensity since the turn of the 20th century.

30:4-8 1. Sorrow from much need. 2. Fiery conflagrations for the metropolitan areas. 3. Destruction by pestilence among the cattle. (Mad cow disease) 4. Famine of the globe, of their generation. 5. Among the rulers, destruction by earthquake and the sword. (Arab Spring) 6. Enhance of hail and snow. 7. Wild hadiah untuk pria will end up being their grave. Mark 13:4 "Reveal, when shall these exact things be? and what shall be the sign when each one of these things shall be fulfilled? 5 And Jesus answering them begun to say, Take heed lest any guy deceive you: 6 For most shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall many. 8 For country shall rise against nation, and against kingdom: and there will be earthquakes in divers places, and there will be famines and troubles: these are the BEGINNINGS of Sorrows."