Fig xA Effect of fructo oligosaccharide FOS guar gum GG

Table 3.
4. Discussion
The aim of this PSI-6206 study was to compare the impact of 3 types of dietary fiber having different properties on food intake, eating behavior, body weight and the development of adiposity in mice. Our results show that the 3 types of dietary fibers administered in preload once a day induced a similar decrease in total daily food intake during the first week; however this effect progressively disappears after the first week. In addition, the ingestion of the FOS and GG preloads substantially decreased adiposity to a similar degree after 3 weeks.
5. Conclusion
Our results show that, regardless of the viscosity or fermentability of dietary fibers, their inhibitory effect on food intake decreased over time, and this was associated with a lack of reduction in body weight. Despite this, FOS and GG counteracted the increase in adiposity, suggesting that this effect was independent of food intake This loss of food intake inhibitory effect over time and the ability of guar gum to limit fat storage constitute the new findings which will be characterized in future works.