Cheryl Cole Likes Her Replica Louis Vuitton Handbag Big

Did you know that the average replica handbag now weighs approximately 35 lbs? Isn’t that absurd? I’m totally going to ignore how awful this must be for our shoulders because I’m definitely a fake Louis Vuitton crossbody bags girl that helps that statistic exist, and so is Cheryl Cole. When given the choice of big or small, she gladly goes with the biggest replica Louis Vuitton handbag that she can find.

Okay, replica Louis Vuitton crossbody bags maybe it’s not the biggest Louis Vuitton replica handbag that she can fine, but its certainly not on the small scale, and I adore big bags! I just feel like a big replica handbag is so much more practical for us ladies that stuff our lives inside of them. What I love most about Cheryl Cole’s replica handbag choice is that she chose such a classy style. Often times, big bags are slouchy, undefined and rather casual, but Cheryl proves that theory wrong.

The Louis Vuitton replica handbag that you can often see Cheryl Cole rocking proudly has character, definition and style. It’s not your average over sized bag and she really works it perfectly into whatever outfit that she decides to wear. Speaking of her outfits, I love how she took inspiration from her replica Louis Vuitton handbag and incorporated it throughout her whole entire look. Surely, the bag takes the cake, but I adore her hat choice and fluffy Louis Vuitton crossbody bags replica furry (hopefully faux) vest. She’s just one chic Cheryl Cole, if you ask me.

Everything is getting smaller as the days go on. Our mobile devices are shrinking, our laptops are paper thin and everything now comes wireless and in a petite size, so it’s mandatory that we keep some things larger than life, right? And isn’t replica handbags the best way of doing so? Plus, now that everything is wireless, we have a lot more things to bring out into the world with us, thus, we need a big bag.

Yup. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.