Wide range uses of LED lights

With advances in technology and social trends of development, people still want to give the LED lights with fashion and art from LED light manufacturer China which is fluorescent and incandescent lamps far behind in this regard. Now we can have a view at wide range uses of LED lights.


Edison invented the incandescent lamp, light a long night in a bright, open since the history of home lighting. For a long time, incandescent lighting has been playing the role of light. But in 1962, the US General Electric developed the world's first red LED, 70 years, green, yellow and orange LED. After another appeared in the 1980s, like China 18W 1200mm T8 LED tube light with the development of new materials GaAlAs, so red LED light efficiency of 10 Lm / W, until 1993 Nichia investment contributed to the emergence of blue LED, nature red, yellow, and blue gathered. This represents the exception of incandescent, LED lighting can also assume functions, and also applied to wider areas.


Currently, LED is mainly used for information display billboards, traffic lights, traffic signals, commercial lighting like high quality modern LED ceiling light, lamps and other lighting and general lighting as well as military medical surgical lights and wisdom lighting.