Fig xA Overview of absolute

Generation of pyrolysis gases by current overload may enable simulation of more realistic emission situations of overloaded cables with isolation materials composed of several layers of different polymers, however, referencing of the observed emission effects to the temperature of the insulation material is not possible by those experiments. Therefore, tests were complemented by emission experiments and sensitivity studies with externally heated polymers. For this CA-074 Me purpose, temperature was increased in a interstitial fluid stepwise fashion starting from room temperature up to 200 °C. Sample monitoring was not possible through the thermal insulation of the reactor and was therefore conducted offline after completion of the experiments. Evidently, the sample showed no visible change up to temperatures of 150 °C and even at 170 °C we can only see a slight change of the sample by shrinking of insulation diameter. At 200 °C discoloring takes place, the sample turns brown (Fig. 6).