How To Tighten Loose Vagina After Delivery?


Some women experience looseness in the genital passage after childbirth and this happens when the genital walls lose their elasticity because of natural delivery. When this happens, women will experience that lovemaking has become less pleasurable as compared to what it was earlier. Also, the partner will not be in a position to feel the grip during lovemaking. There are some simple solutions women can follow to tighten loose vagina after delivery like those mentioned below.

Aabab tablets: Yes, this herbal tablet that should be inserted right inside the genital passage just an hour before the lovemaking will enable women to gain back the tightness. When this herbal remedy is used with other tightening remedies like Kegel exercises will help women, not just for few hours during lovemaking, but they will gain permanent tightness.

How does childbirth cause looseness in genital passage?

When the natural birth process happens, the baby will pass through the cervix and will get out through the birth canal. To accommodate the passage of the baby, the entrance of the genital passage will stretch, but after some days or months, it will get back to its normal shape and size. But, in some women this process fails to happen, thereby leading to loose genital passage. Experts are of the opinion that when a lady experiences longer labor, there are higher chances of loose genital wall.

What are the symptoms of stretched genital passage after delivery?

1. The lady will experience a lot of difficulty in holding urine and also there are chances of leakage of urine during sneezing, coughing or when she laughs really hard.

2. Also, she will be able to easily insert two or three fingers into the genital wall without any resistance.

3. Even, there are chances that to feel stimulation and arousal, she might feel the need of inserting larger objects.

4. After stimulation, the genital wall will fail to contract.

5. When she feels that she can easily insert her index finger into the genital passage and experience difficulty in holding the walls together, it is also a sign of looseness.

When these symptoms are experienced after delivery, it is important to look for ways to tighten loose vagina after delivery.

Sexual symptoms of loose genital passage:

1. Reduced sensation: She will experience a considerable change in the level of sensation during lovemaking. Earlier, the size of the partner might not have been a matter, but now she will feel that the size is too small for stimulation. In short, there will be difficulty in reaching orgasm.

2. Partner is not satisfied: Not just the lady, her partner will also complain about insufficient grip and so he will lose interest towards lovemaking.

To tighten loose vagina after delivery, the best, easy and safe remedy available for new moms is Aabab tablets. As these herbs have ingredients that can bring tightening effect almost immediately after inserting them into the genital wall, women will experience betterment with regular use of these tablets daily or on alternate day basis.


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