What Are the Best Phuket Golf Hotels in Phuket?

What Are the Best Phuket Golf Hotels in Phuket?

Phuket is known worldwide for being one of Thailand and perhaps even Asia's very best golf destinations. With fantastic golf courses, endless white sand beaches, a lots of cultural and sports activities and with a wide range of excellent hotels and golf resorts, this place has all the ingredients needed to create the framework for the perfect golf vacation.


Thailand has become well known around the world for its many luxury hotels especially in Phuket Island. Many luxury resorts, hotels in Phuket can be found throughout the island that will provide tourists with luxurious stay. If you are going to have a vacation in Thailand, then it is for your best interest to stay at one of their hotels. Phuket, Thailand is probably known for their amazing resorts and super relaxing spas that every tourist must visit. However, there are a lot of resorts in Phuket; so that means you must look for the best hotel that suits not only you, but your entire family as well.


Considering the very high quality of the golf courses and resorts, green fees remain below many competing destinations, making Phuket tough to beat when it comes to value for money golf holidays but around the world. Phuket Golf Hotels have the capacity to accommodate visitors of all categories, from low budget casual tourists, to wealthy and high profile tourists. For low budget tourists, there are many mid-range economy hotels in Phuket, along with small cottages, apartments and rest houses. Wonderful selections of tropical beach hotels, wide range of family resorts to simple good value hotels are available on the beaches in Phuket.


PHUKET GOLF HOLIDAYS offers a comprehensive guide to all golf hotels. We offer discounted Green Fees at all courses and are specialists in Golf Tours and Golf Package Holidays. Golf Hotels can be tailor-made to suit your requirements and budget. You will be surprised with a variety of the Phuket hotels. A large number of the comfortable hotels are located in the Surin and Patong beaches. In each part we list some hotels that have been carefully hand-picked based on recent customer ratings but you can follow this link if you prefer to see a list of all Phuket hotels at special rates.


Phuket is the ideal holiday destination because as well as offering some of the most sublime golf hotels, there’s also many other activities on offer. Exploring the island with various golf hotels is a unique experience and a wonderful way to get to know the island.