Acne Treatment - Acne Truths Exposed

Not all acne is created equal and before you can cara untuk menghilangkan jerawat di hidung secara alami war on the acne you observe in the mirror, you need to learn what kind of pimples you have. The more you know about the different kinds of pimples the better able you'll be to identify the kind of acne that you have problems with and keep it away from your skin later on!

The first type of acne is named vulgaris in fact it is probably the most common forms of acne out there. Generally acne vulgaris is available on people whose skin is quite oily and it could be found in three different variations: non-inflammatory lesions, inflammatory lesions and secondary lesions.

The second type of acne is called comendonal acne. This is acne that will not usually get inflamed. Comendonal acne is usually caused by fluctuations in hormone amounts, though it can also be caused by facial products or people who react badly to levels of high humidity.

Infantile Acne is, obviously, acne affects babies and infants. Yes, it's accurate, new babies can get acne! Typically, though, infantile pimples goes away completely not long after a baby is born.

Another kind of acne is acne mediamentosa. Pimples mediamentosa is a kind of acne that is caused by certain kinds of medicine. Anabolic steroids and contraceptive pills are usually the culprits behind acne mediamentosa.

Acne conglobata is the most common sort of acne that affects males and men. Usually this acne is available on a man's upper body or back.

Acne Excori usually shows up after someone has picked at his / her blackheads or whiteheads. That is one of the easiest forms of acne in order to avoid as all it takes to keep it aside is to keep your hands away from your face rather than pick at acne when it appears!