EVL32-060 Fuji IGBT Power Module

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EVL32-060 is a Fuji IGBT power module that can upgrade the system of AC motor controls. With the ability to generate 120 Amps of collector current and collector emitter voltage of 600, EVL32-060 can take AC motor controls to the next level. Plus, it only weighs 5.34 lbs.!


EVL32-060 has an integrated design, built to attain high output efficiency. That’s why it’s very popular to various industrial applications.


This IGBT transistor module has several amazing features. It may have a simplified standard package, but once you delve more into its details, you’ll be surprised as to what it possesses. To improve efficiency and reliability, this device has low saturated voltage and high DC current gain. To eliminate the annoying flybacks, EVL32-060 has the superfast recovery freewheeling diode!


Rest assured that Fuji EVL32-060 is completely safe to use. It is UL recognized, signifying that the risks of possible explosion and injury to nearby individuals have been eliminated.