How to deal with disappointments

How to deal with disappointments


How to deal with disappointmentsWhatever mission you set out to do, there will be disappointments on your journey to success.  However, if you persist, and continue on your journey believe me it will be worthwhile.


John C. Maxwell said, “dreams don’t work unless you do.”  Regardless of the hiccups, regardless of the obstacles, continue to do and expect results.


Many newbies give up on their journey to success because that friend did not support them, those family members did not buy, or acquaintances just did not care.  Some times that’s a hard pill to swallow and it breaks many who had a dream.  So instead of going to friends and family, attract those who are interested to you.  Check back tomorrow for more on this discussion.


Expect a few things on your journey to success to counteract the disappointments along the way. Don’t ignore these disappointments but to use them as a way to plow forward in your journey.  In past blogs, I talk about how obstacles are placed in your path to enhance your skills not break them down.  Read more about Shaking it off  HERE.


Look at disappointments the same way.  However, don’t mope around and complain, do something about.  Create a positive view and focus on that.  Place posit on every entrance door to remind you of your journey to success.


Ray Higdon wrote a great blog on dealing with disappointments.  He states, “So IF you are dealing with disappointment right now, step one is to STOP and remember why you started your journey and get re-aligned with what you want to create in your life and get aligned with the possibility of creating. “Dealing With  Disappointment


With that in mind, how do you deal with disappointments.  Let’s review a few ways…