Susan G Komen Columbus®

Its simple. Komen Columbus is fighting breast cancer. How?

Funding programsthat support those in the fight to save lives Educating individuals about breast cancer risk factors, the importance of early detection and the resources that are available to them Komen Columbus is the local source for funding programsthat provide breast health services, breast cancer education and outreach in our 30-county service area.

We empower the residents in our service area with information about the importance of early detection and breast health by educating individuals about the importance of early detection and the resources that are available to them. We work to ensure access to and build programs that enhance quality care. We devote 75 percent of net funds raised to vital local breast health services, and dedicate the remaining 25 percent to national research to find the cures.

Since 1993, Komen Columbus has raised more than $27 million; with $16 million to support local programs, $280,000 in targeted small grants and $5 million in national research grants.

Komen Columbus is part of the big picture to eradicate breast cancer. But were also focused on the local needs of our neighbors. We are dedicated to educating the residents in our service area about breast cancer and the resources available along with funding life-saving screening and treatment programs in for our neighbors currently battling this disease.

Join Komen Columbus in the fight to beat breast cancer. You can donate your time or resources or host a fundraiserin our 30-county service area. You can know your normaland encourage those around you to know theirs. You can be a listening ear and strong shoulder to family and friends who are in the battle. And you can be an inspiration and tell your story as a survivor. There is a place for you in this fight. Your dollar might be the one that ultimately finds one of the cures. Your presentation might encourage a listener to get a mammogram and find her cancer at an earlier stage. Contact us today. Were here to partner with you.

Were always only a click or a call away. However you reach us, we are always happy to help you.