Cheap Generic Hockey Jerseys

The NHL's jerseys have turned into a large story recently as it was declared earlier this week that Adidas won NHL jersey rights starting in the 2017 18 season. Using the newest alignment folks have wondered if this is the second measure in the NHL's plan to implement on-jersey advertisements (the first step is the NHL supposedly placing ads on jerseys for the World Cup of Hockey).

They got the contract and therefore are paying BIG money; they must be able to sport their logo on the jerseys.

We all are walking advertisements for brands that are different -- I get that. I simply don't need to be a walking billboard when wearing a hockey jersey.

It's not only that the ads make the jerseys unattractive and distracting, but it's also taking away from the history of the organization. It defiles the sweater that supporters and players wear proudly.

Jerseys with ads are also a good example of how the NHL is a company. And I get that as a business the NHL is always looking to make money. But can not they come up with another method?

For me, this situation is focused on integrity. I really believe that the cheap hockey jerseys can pass up some money for the integrity. But I think because with a business you have to leave emotion out of it the league doesn't believe that way.

I am aware that teams across Europe have advertisements on their jerseys and it's not the end of the world, but just Google Real Madrid's jersey and see whether you like the teams of the NHL' logos to be that small. Should you look at the jersey all you see is Fly Emirates. Thank you for the input signal Real Madrid, I am sure to take that into consideration. After all, it's not a jersey; it's an ad.

I don't consider that Wheeler is the only NHLer who feels this way and I trust he isn't the only one that is willing to voice his view.

The NHL needs to expand--go for this. The NHL wants to bring back the World Cup of Hockey--I'm all for it. I am not against the NHL changing or looking for strategies to get more income, provided that it does not mess with the integrity of its product. Me, well I consider that these jersey ad gossips do exactly that.