Runescape: Treasure Hunter | Hearts of fire

Obtainable from 00:00 UTC on twentieth August until eventually 23:fifty nine UTC on twenty fourth August, Hearts of fireplace let you melt away up any excessive Hearts of Ice you may have, allowing you choose your up coming prize classification. as a top game products store, we can meet you with cheap runescape gold. we offer <cheapest runescape gold with 15 minutes delivery.


To work with a Coronary heart of fireside, merely click on the icon following to the Hearts of Ice counter when it is glowing purple.


You are going to then be prompted to decide on which category you'd like. Be aware that you can de-select your alternative by right-clicking the heart of fireside icon, must you change your mind.


The rarer your category, the greater Hearts of Ice you can expect to incinerate from the process. You will find also a cooldown of Keys applied, based on your picked out classification:


You can expect to observe that a variety of previously-run scarce benefits are generating a comeback, this sort of as golem outfits, skilling headpiece add-ons, the most recent slayer masks, and new Ice Warrior and Fire Warrior outfits.