How to Fix Common Brake Problems

How to Fix Common Brake Problems Copyright AA1Car Brake problems usually indicate the need for certain repairs or replacement parts,so here is a quick review of some common fixes: LOW BRAKE FLUID This may be the result of worn disc brake pads,or it may indicate a leak in the brake system. If the BRAKE WARNING LIGHT is also on,most likely the problem is a leak (though the Brake Warning light may also come on if the master cylinder reservoir has a fluid level sensor). Leaks are dangerous because they can cause brake failure. The brake calipers,wheel cylinders,brake hoses and lines,and master cylinder all need to be inspected. If a leak is found,the defective component must be replaced. Your vehicle should NOT be driven until the leak can be repaired launch x431 v plus.Applying a moly-based high temperature brake grease to the backs of the pads can also help dampen vibrations and noise. BRAKE CHATTER Can be caused by warped rotors or rotors that have been improperly finished. GRABBY BRAKES Oil,grease or brake fluid on the brake pads will cause them to slip and grab OBD Tool. This may create a jerky sensation when braking. The cure is to inspect the pads for contamination,replace them if they have oil,grease or brake fluid on them,and eliminate the cause of the contamination (such as replacing a leaky brake caliper or curing a nearby oil/grease leak). Badly scored drums or rotors can also cause uneven or grabby braking. On vehicles equipped with"Hydroboost"power brakes,a hard pedal can be caused by a loose power steering pump belt,a low fluid level,leaks in the power hoses,or leaks or faulty valves in the hydroboost unit itself (the latter call for rebuilding or replacing the booster). On vehicles that use the ABS pump to generate brake boost,a problem with the ABS pump or high pressure accumulator can cause a loss of power assist. This will usually cause the ABS WARNING LIGHT to come on. The ABS system will also set a fault code that corresponds to the problem,which requires a scan tool to read.
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