GW2: The Herald: Revenant Elite Specialization Revealed

Massively have right now solely disclosed the 1st aspects with the revenant elite specialization together with the revenants underwater combat. There’s a fair volume of info and that i admit a great deal of it I discovered pretty confusing. I have to mention, however, I’m specially enthusiastic about the shield as I do think there’s a large number of possible there for a lot desired mitigation.

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Acknowledged as being the Herald, the revenant elite specialization will wield glint and utilize her 6 sides. It’ll become a manage Legend much more than uncooked assist, with a great deal of boons and utility for gamers to utilize.


Such as the other specializations, the Herald will give gamers access to a new weapon, a brand new trait specialization line, and new mechanics. While in the situation of Glint, we’ll attain access to your defend, and she’ll channel her supportive character through the participant character employing a bunch of boons and defensive capabilities. I’ll provide you with a excellent run-down on the protect and utility abilities it is possible to anticipate, even so the brief model is you turn into substantially extra productive when you stand using your comrades in battle and present them the security of the stance.

Alongside specifics on Glint along with the Herald, there is also a brief Q&A with Roy Cronacher that goes into a little additional depth about the elite specialization. Alternatively than me dissect the article, head on over and use a read.