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According to the current works, the properties of electrolyte are decisive to the operation TAK-715 of single cells. Improving the fabrication processes and compositions of electrolyte is an important way to reduce the operation temperature of SOFCs. For example, the SOFCs with traditional electrolyte (YSZ) works at 1000 °C, while the operation temperature could be lowered to 600–800 °C after reducing the thickness of YSZ electrolyte. But the conductivity of YSZ is not high. Thus the decreasing of the operation temperature of SOFCs would cause the performance to go down significantly. Therefore, lots of researchers are paying more and more attention to ceria based materials due to their high conductivity. In fact, an exceptionally high Maximum Power Density (MPD) for one SOFCs single cell with a highly conductive ceria based electrolyte has been achieved by Jin Soo Ahn at 600 °C [8]. Additionally, works by Omar demonstrated fitness ceria based materials can play a significant role in lowering the operating temperature of SOFCs [9].