Consider now an intergranular contact impedance as

7. Here, Ce is the main capacity component while C, R and L are parasite capacity, resistivity and inductivity respectively, without α-correction, which means that Amprenavir intergranular geometry is considered as being flat. It is not difficult to see that the equivalent impedance, with α-correction included should beZe=1+α0(CRs+CLs2)α0(Ce+C)s+α02CeC(R+Ls)s2,s=jω=j2πf,or, expressed via frequencyequation(9)Ze=A24πf2B2+α04C4R2D2,whereA=4π2α02C2f2(4π2α0Cef2L2+α0CeR2−L)−8π2α02CCef2L+α0vC+α0Ce,B=α0C2(4π2α0Ce2f2(4π2f2L2+R2)−8π2α0Cef2L+1)+2α2CCe(1−4π2α0Cef2L)+α2Ce2,D=4π2α04C2Ce2f2R2+(α0C(4π2α0Cef2L−1)−α0Ce)2.A=4π2α02C2f2(4π2α0Cef2L2+α0CeR2−L)−8π2α02CCef2L+α0vC+α0Ce,B=α0C2(4π2α0Ce2f2(4π2f2L2+R2)−8π2α0Cef2L+1)+2α2CCe(1−4π2α0Cef2L)+α2Ce2,D=4π2α04C2Ce2f2R2+(α0C(4π2α0Cef2L−1)−α0Ce)2.In this manner, Ze includes, except Ce, C, L, R and f, also the corrective factor α0 and, by help of formula (8), trichocysts also depends on α as shown by the graphs in Fig.