Shake It off Fauntleroy Marketing Strategy


Shake It off Fauntleroy Marketing StrategyShake It off Fauntleroy Marketing Strategy


Ok you had a set-back.  Things did not go as you planned.  Shake it off.  You were are close to throwing in the towel until you came across this wonderful blog by Priscilla Fauntleroy, that’s me!  :-) Shake it off. I hope I made you chuckled, because those were my intentions.

Understand, there will be obstacles.  The bigger the goal, the bigger the obstacle.  Every hurdle you cross, is one step closer to your goal.  And, when you get there greater the rewards.

Today’s topic is “Shake It Off.”  Let’s identify some ways to can Shake It Off.  However, before I do that…. I am in a jovial mood today and when I started writing this blog the first thing that came to mind was an incident with my Son.  He was three years old and we were visiting my family in Miami.  Well, my son fell down while running around the yard.  He started crying and running to Mommy.  My brother looked at him and said, “Shake it off.”  My son looked at him and shook himself and continued to play.  He took it literally and it worked.  So as we look at way to Shake it off, I want you to do the same. Whatever has happened, has happened and there’s no going back to change it.  Shake it off.


Ways to Shake It Off
  • Understand there is a problem –  This is very important.  My mom would say to me, it’s crazy (she used a different word) to continue to do the same thing and expect a different outcome.  Focus on the problem and decide if the direction you going will resolve or enchance it more.  Do not ignore it.  Ignore says you are in denial and there is no problem.  Open your eyes and visualize what went wrong.
  • Examine what went wrong –  Look at what has beem done.  This requires going back to stage one when the business or task was started were specific actions were taken.  Examine it like you looking through a Microscope where you able to see microscopic details.  What actions were implemented?  Was there a plan? Did you deviated from the plan?  At what point you noticed everything going south.  Now, how can you resolve it and head in the right direction.
  • Indentify a solution –  When you started your business you knew nothing.  Regardless of you deviating from the plan.  At one time you were focus and heading in the right direction.  As I mentioned, obstacles are placed in your path to deter you or make you.  Use the problem as a reason for investing in yourself and taking action.  The solution is to understand there is more learn and implement, than move towards.  My Online Business Empire (MOBE) gives you daily steps that will not only help you but increase your income 6Xs.  You are closer than you think. You are reading this blog to completion. Now is not the time to throw in the towel.  Shake it off and lets move forward.

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