Anchor bolt widely applied in in civil engineering

In recent years, with the continuous development of social economy and science and technology level, anchor bolt support technology in our country has gained great progress and development of duplication and amounts of support on the degree and scope of continuously introduce new achievements.From hard rock to soft and broken surrounding rock;From section to section cavern, intersection, ingate, etc;From the general conditions of development to big roof caving, water spray, the bass drum and the conditions of complex geological tectonic belt and so on;From underground engineering support to the ground engineering maintenance;From underground engineering development only by static pressure to affected by dynamic pressure of underground engineering.In mining, transportation, construction, water conservancy and hydropower, get more and more widely used in military civil air defense and other projects.To sum up, the anchor technology in geotechnical engineering and underground engineering has been playing an increasingly important role.Therefore, the analysis of geotechnical engineering in the application research of anchor technology is the era have entrusted to our mission, but also the important means and methods of promoting economic growth. 
Bolt supporting is a way of security, economic support, it is the floorboard of the supporting structure of anchor rod as the main body, which includes bolt, shotcreting and express the form.Its technology is diagonally into holes in the soil, buried anchor after perfusion cement or cement mortar, rely on the friction between soil and anchor solid, tie rod and the anchor of the solid grip of tie strength and work together to withstand the load acting on the supporting structure.Bolt support with its simple structure, convenient construction, low cost, and the engineering characteristics of strong adaptability, in civil engineering (including mining engineering) has been widely applied. 
Anchor bolt anchoring in formation through the anchor chain structure and formation in together, rely on the anchor bolt and the surrounding strata shearing strength tensile strength of the structure, to reinforce the stratum itself, to achieve the purpose of keep the structures and rock mass stability.