What should do when cause bad breath

Now more and more people like to eat food, eating disorder, so often lead to bad breath. Bad breath is a very common phenomenon, if you have bad breath when you talk with others, it will make people feel disgusted. So, air max how to prevent bad breath, what food will have bad breath? Here are four kinds of bad breath food, please read carefully.

What food will lead to bad breath

1. wine.

Alcohol is a diuretic, drinking too much can easily lead to the mouth, the brain and the body is dry, air max 90 but also hinder the normal secretion of saliva. While there are a lot of saliva can be decomposed and washed away the smell of the material, so, once excessive drinking, will increase the bad breath. Recommended drinking water in the process to try to drink boiled water.

2. mint.

Dr. Amery said, a lot of fresh breath mints that can eliminate bad breath, actually do more harm than good. Once the menthol disappeared from the mouth, mouth odor will quickly rebound and increase. Air max schweiz Most of the sugar is "the food of the bacteria", the bacteria in the process of the decomposition of sugar will release sulfide, which will increase the bad breath.

3. meat.

Dr. Emory said meat too much, it will cause the protein intake exceeds the body needs, the body will will be decomposed into carbohydrate used as energy. During the process of decomposition, ammonia (urine) is produced, which is excreted through the mouth.

4. nuts.

Nuts contain not only a lot of promotion bacteria of sugar, and contain large amounts of insoluble dietary fiber, nike free are more likely to lead to the aggregation of the mouth and teeth between sugar. Eat nuts, must promptly clean teeth.

Got bad breath and how to do it?

1, Drink Black Tea and Green Tea

The present studies were showed Green Tea catechins in addition to bad breath the best utility, If people don't like drinking green tea, it can be replaced by black tea, However, black tea should be in the case of higher doses to play the effect, that is, the concentration of tea drinking tea must be two times, in order to eliminate the annoying bad breath.

2. Vegetables and fruits rich in cellulose

Rich in cellulose of vegetables and fruits including apples, nike free schweiz carrots and celery, etc.. These vegetables and fruits help to secrete a lot of saliva. Saliva not only can moisten the mouth, but also remove the teeth attached to the top or plug in the teeth of food residue. Food residue is also one of the reasons leading to bad breath, so the removal of bad breath may wish to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits rich in cellulose.

3, with a large number of vitamin C food

Rich in cellulose of vegetables and fruits, berries, citrus, refined and other foods containing a large amount of vitamin C can cause the mouth to form an environment that is not conducive to the growth of bacteria. Regular intake of vitamin C for healthy gums are also very useful. But we know that vitamin C intake should be from natural foods, not food additives, as additives can cause digestive disorders.