Florida Realtor

"My conscious got the best of me I guess," Florida realtor Sabin Johnson said.

A Florida realtor and military veteran was in a hurry to get to an appointment, but something on the side of the road made him forget about his rush.

"This is Officer Marker in Fort Myers, Florida, assisting an elderly gal with her car. That's a good cop right there," Sabin Johnson can be heard saying in the video

At first, the site of an officer changing a tire in the Florida heat wasn't enough to make realtor Sabin Johnson stop, but he told Newsy about a half mile later, it "got the best" of him, and he made a U-turn and offered Deputy First Class Eric Marker his help.

"As I kept goin' by, I was just thinking abut how he was back there cranking on that thing all by himself and you know if he had a hand with it, he'd probably, you know, get it done a lot quicker, get him out of harm's way and get these ladies back on the road," Johnson told Newsy on Skype.

Johnson was able to give the officer a break and take his turn helping change out the tire. 

Both men sweat it out helping the two elderly women change the tire after a car crash. It was 85 degrees that day in Fort Myers. 

"I told him when I saw him, I was like, 'You know, you're doing a good thing. You don't have to be doing this. You could be in your patrol car, sitting in the AC unit waiting for a tow truck, completely out of harm's way.' ... He went out of his way to go above and beyond his duty," Johnson said.

And thankfully, Johnson's potential clients weren't upset he was late.

"When I got there, they were like, 'You know, that's really cool that you did that,'" Johnson said.

And Johnson is no stranger to helping people in need. In 2012, he was awarded by the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office for pulling an unconscious man out of his car that was on fire.

But despite being called a hero, Johnson remains humble.

"I didn't really have any choice. I just figured I had to get him out of there before the car blew up, and in fact, it did. ... I think we all have a duty to do that," Johnson said.

Sabin is also a children's author and for every real estate transaction he donates 5 signed copies of his children's Christmas book 'The Jolly Shop' to the K is for Kids Foundation. For more information you are welcome to visit www.JollyShop.org.

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Naples is on the “Paradise Coast” and is among the highest millionaires per capita in the United States. It features some of the most expensive real estate in the US with homes selling in excess of $50 Million, especially in the Port Royal area where Johnson specializes. See www.DolceDwellings.com or email him at [email protected]