Arm’s Workout That Can Be Done At Home

Arm’s Workout That Can Be Done At Home

Intrepid Gym’s owner Adam Kant says that arms are the muscles that first reveal toning results when you start weight trainings. Although heavy lifting shows faster results, increased reps with low weights also firm the muscles sooner. Below are the exercises to tone arms without going to gym.


A towel or yoga mat to stand
2 dumbbells of 5 to 10 pounds
1 kettlebell of 15 to 20 pounds


Exercises: For 2 to 3 times in a week, do 3 rounds with 12 reps in each move. Team up with cardio workouts for best results. Avoid resting between the rounds to maintain the heart rate and burning calories. Please do thank both Malaysia Guider and Men's Health for these tips:



1. Push Ups

Kant say that push ups really helps in achieving the target. Begin this parallel to floor in plank’s position and then start lowering your body while bending your elbows till your chest is touching the floor. Now return to the beginning position and then repeat. In case this is too tough for you, try resting your knees on floor to assist push up.



2. Swings with Kettlebell

As per Kant the kettlebell swing is an awesome exercise involving full body. It works on core while toning your biceps in the process. For Kettlebell’s swing, you need to stand keeping your hip feet width apart. Hold kettlebell in front your body by using both your hands with loose arms. Slightly bend knees, maintaining weight on heels. Swing kettlebell slightly by bringing legs towards rear and explode with hips forward to send the kettlebell high up towards the ceiling, at least chest high. Make sure to keep arms extended and straight during the complete exercise. Repeat the steps by bringing kettlebell back on the starting position, using the built up momentum.



3. Triceps Kickback

For this, stand with hip feet width apart. Bend the upper portion of your body from your waist to make 45 degrees angle and lift a dumbbell in both hands at your sides. Push dumbbells back till they become parallel to the lower back. Return to starting position, bend elbows and bring dumbbells aligned to your chest.



4. Dumbbell’s Shoulder Press
For this exercise, stand with hip feet width apart and bring dumbbells at your shoulder level. Slightly bend your knees and thrust dumbbell up to meet at top. Return back to starting posture and repeat.



5. Floor Bench’s Presses

Lay down straight on floor with knees bent. Hold dumbbells in both hands, thrust them towards the ceiling then lower till your triceps are touching the ground. Repeat.



6. Plank’s Rows
Begin with plank position. Hold dumbbells in both hands on floor. Row 1 dumbbell upwards till it is waist high. Return back to floor and do the same step on other side. Kant calls this man maker and suggests that for increasing the intensity, you can complete push up in between rows.