Enjoy An African Adventure In Johannesburg


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Johannesburg in South Africa offers a perfect blend of African adventure and Western comfort. During daytime you can get fascinated by the wildlife in the numerous game reserves that the city boasts of and during the night, you can enjoy fine dining at the several restaurants.

The good news is that there are many cheap flights to Johannesburg, particularly from New York. However, if you take flights to Johannesburg, you will get cheap airfares provided you have a layover in cities, such as Amsterdam, Paris or Dubai. Direct flights to the city from London takes around 11 hours to reach, but may not necessarily offer you the best airline prices. The citys airport is modern with all the amenities. The entry and exit is carried out with minimal fuss.

Those coming on cheap tickets to Johannesburg should hire a car at the airport. The drive from the airport into the city is amazing, as it will let you enjoy the raw natural beauty of the city. Furthermore, the car will give you the freedom to move around the city and visit its numerous attractions, such as the Lion Park. This park keeps the carnivores and herbivores separated, but there is no separation between visitors and the animals. It is quite common for giraffes to stop a safari vehicle or get up close to lions. The feeling is just out of this world. If you happen to visit the park on Sunday, make sure to time your visit based on the feeding time of the lion. Also, you can pet a lion cub while visiting the park, an experience that is too great to miss. It is prudent to go for car rental, as the city does not have a proper public transport network. Also, you can use the vehicle to visit the neighboring cities, such as Pretoria or Durban.

You can have an African feast at the Moyo Zoo Lake with African music as an accompaniment. In addition, you can have some face painting done. The buffet is served on Sundays. After your buffet, you can head to Nicci Beach club, where you can enjoy cool long drinks and watch some go-go dancing. If you want to experience the vibrant nightlife in the club, you can stay on. But if you prefer something less noisy and overwhelming, it is best to leave the club before it gets dark. Other activities that you can enjoy in the city include gambling at the casinos, trying an ostrich steak at the Bedford Shopping Center and enjoying some great shopping experience at the Oriental Plaza.

Although the media keeps highlighting about safety issues in the city, Johannesburg is no different from any other city in the world. It is best to avoid secluded and quiet places after dark. Using common sense can go a long way in ensuring your safety.The city also offers a wide range of hotels to suit all budgets. There are high-end hotels and resorts for those, who can afford it, and there are budget hotels and hostels for people wanting a holiday on a budget. Accommodation usually is not an issue, but it will help if you book the rooms in advance, especially during peak tourist season.