Summer "night run" how to be healthy run

Summer "night run" how to be healthy run

Night run family, is under the pressure of the city life is no time to exercise, can only as a group of people to solve the road. They feel more exercise than more sleep can refresh, daytime don't understand the black night will never mind. Air max Then, night running race in the night to pay attention to what? Then, night running race in the night to pay attention to what?

1. Don't run empty

Most people have the habit of fasting, but in fact it is not scientific. Fasting exercise is easy to cause blood sugar is too low, and low blood sugar will not only affect the exercise effect, but not conducive to the continuity of the movement, air max 90 but also for health is not good. If you are going to run at night, you'd better eat some protein containing foods or appropriate carbohydrates in the afternoon, Also can eat a banana in the first half an hour before the night, to ensure that the body has the necessary energy and potassium to maintain physical.

2. Warm up before running.

Before you start running, you'd better do some warm ups, This is because the muscles produce a lot of growth hormone after exercise, Growth hormone will give birth to body fat decomposition enzyme amount, which is very conducive to enhance the movement and the effect of dietary fat reduction.

3.Pay attention to the rhythm of running.

Night run must control the tempo, speed not too fast, suggest that heart rate maintained at less than 140, air max schweiz otherwise it will causes the body to hypoxia. Oxygen is also involved in the process of the decomposition of fat, once the blood and muscle oxygen carrying capacity is reduced, the effect of weight loss will also be affected.

4. Every night run at least 30 minutes or more to play a slimming effect

If you want to lose weight rather than simply considering health or shaping, every night running time to ensure that at least in more than 30 minutes. Nike free In aerobic process, 20-30 minutes before is body consumption of carbohydrate, 30 minutes after the fat will to participate in the process of energy consumption, there is a real fat loss process.

5. The total time of the night run is not recommended for more than 70 minutes

For health considerations, the night run time is not recommended for more than 70 minutes, the general maintenance within 1 hours. Nike free schweiz If more than 70 minutes or even longer time, it will not only cause physical strength overdraft, still can make muscles and nervous system for a long time in the excited state, affect the quality of the night sleep, And the excessive free radicals generated during the exercise are also difficult to quickly and easily, affecting health.

6. Don't exercise in foggy weather

Because of the foggy weather air has many small droplets, these small droplets can carry many pathogens, If exercise is bound to inhalation of a large number of small water droplets, leading to pathogen that is absorbed into the body, will cause adverse effects on the body; In addition to the exercise of the time to remember not to breathe with the mouth, because the nose can filter out harmful substances in the air; At the same time, remember not to take measures to keep warm, You can take off your clothes when you are in motion, but you can't take it off at the beginning.