Using Male Psychology To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

You think the relationship is going well, and suddenly your boyfriend dumps you. This can definitely make you feel unwanted and desperate. You wonder what went wrong and most of all how you can get him back. The best way and easiest way, is using male psychology to get your ex boyfriend back. This will make you irresistible to him.

Your biggest problem will be that you are unable to think of anything but your ex. He becomes irresistible to you. The memories of him become magnified in your mind. He is the most handsome and desirable guy in the world. He has the greatest personality of anyone alive. He becomes superman and you cannot live without him. This is normal when a guy breaks up with you, but you need to know some facts.

You think you want your ex back because you miss him and he is the best guy you ever knew. But, those are not the real reasons you are desperate to get him back. You want him back because he dumped you and made you feel rejected and unwanted. Think about how things were before the breakup. You loved your ex, but there were plenty of things you could find wrong with him. But as soon as he dumped you, he became perfect.

The truth is, you never appreciate something when you have it. But, once it is taken away it becomes the most important thing in your life. That is why a guy seems so important after he dumps you. By using male psychology you can turn things around and make him feel that you are the irresistible one and he cannot live without you. You just have to make him have the same feelings you are having.

Right now he thinks you will be sad, hurt and desperate to have him back. He expects you to be sitting around and waiting for him to call. But, if you show him you are not bothered by the breakup and you are out having fun with your friends, he will wonder what happened. Your ex was counting on having you in reserve so he could go out, have fun and date other women.

As long as he kept you on the string you would be there if things did not work out. This gave him a comfortable feeling. Now he will not feel so secure. Hearing of you having a great time and flirting with other guys will make him see he could lose you. That was not in his plans when he broke up with you. Male psychology will tell you that a man always wants what he cannot have and your actions are making him feel that you are over him and moving on.

Now, your ex boyfriend is feeling rejected and unwanted. That will be hard on his pride and ego. He will begin to feel the same feeling of loss and despair you are feeling and that will make you irresistible to him.