Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton competingh penggemar taruhan yang memberi kelahiran pertama - Nasional selebriti Berita

nKim Kardashian and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge have fans pulling fifty dollar bills out of their pockets. In what has become a competition between the two ladies, it appears the wagers are on the table on which celebrity will give birth first. On Tuesday the odds are pulling towards Kate Middleton even though Kim Kardashian was talking babies on the Today show.nnKate Middleton first announced her pregnancy with fans around the globe celebrating the forthcoming royal birth. Kim Kardashian was soon to follow with her news too. What has become glaringly obvious in the opportunity to be royal, the two ladies are both giving birth in July. Yet who will give birth firsthnnSharing in the joy of the baby making the fans are now starting to bet on which woman will give the public a child first. Will it be Kimh Or is it going to be Kateh So far the Paddy Power is offering 25/1 odds that the women will give birth on the same day, but the wagers are leaning towards the idea that the Duchess will give birth first.nnEither way, the fans are hoping for two healthy children to find their way into the world. With all the fuss about the moms-to-be the only thing to do is bet and see.nn--nnMORE FROM JODI JILL:nnDetails from the Golden GlobesnnOr check out her popular articles:nnTaylor Swift looks like a goddess on the red carpetnSandra Bullock Honored for humanitarian effortsnn12 lessons from reality TV in 2012; Stars dream, share and inspire viewersnn12 bizarre deaths of 2012: Cockroaches, karaoke and toilets are killersn