Massachusetts memandang perjudian disahkan sebagai jawaban

nLegalized gambling is back at the forefront in Massachusetts again as Governor Deval Patrick, appearing on a local radio talk daftar sbobet show stated he believes a plan will be in place by the fall. In a reversal from his earlier position, Patrick says he will agree to a proposal allowing one slot parlor, something he was against last year.nnOpponents of legalizing gambling have criticized the governor for conducting closed-door negotiations throughout this process. Anyone who has followed this process tends to agree in other words its politics as usual in Massachusetts.nnHowever the most interesting and telling point Patrick made was this:nnWe need appointees who are above politics, whose ethics rules are even more rigorous than the reformed rules we put in place a couple of years ago. I think they need to be adequately compensated. I think they need to have appropriate oversight independent, yet appropriate oversight. Boston HeraldnnIf history is any indication, the citizens of Massachusetts can look forward to a gaming commission stacked with political appointees, who, contrary to the governors assertions, will not be above politics. These positions will more agen sbobet than likely have salaries in the six figures, guaranteeing the appointees a nice state pension upon their retirement.nnThis is just one of the many things wrong with legalizing gambling in Massachusetts. Others include increased crime rates in the area surrounding the casino locations, the transient nature of the casino workers who are usually low paid, part-time workers who on average make less than what the state requires of those who are elegible to receive state assistance, and the increase in gambling addiction. Previously the governor stated a necessary provision of the bill will require an agency to deal with addicted gambling, which, you guessed it will be another state agency, funded by the taxpayers.nnLegalized gambling is not the answer to Massachusetts fiscal problems. It will only lead to more state bureaucracy and spending. It would be far better for Massachusetts to encourage businesses which will actually contribute to the economy in a meaningful way, not those who feed off peoples dreams to make the big score.n