Development of Flame Retardant Material---FMS EPS

Flame Retardant Material---FMS EPS choice of EPS is the key of green flame retardant. Green and sustainable development should be the direction of flame retardant non-PBT, and CMR substances, rather than bromide or halogen-free. On the polymerization of macromolecular flame retardants due to its structure or is born with low toxicity, non-bioaccumulative and make it a hot green flame retardant ...
Flame retarding technology in our country with foreign advanced countries largely at the same level, flame retardant requirements for all kinds of flame retardant products are also developed similar standards worked out. But since there is not a more complete legal norms of the flame retardant, China's total production of flame retardant products and their use are still lags far behind the developed countries. Such as the United States in the late 90 's,
Flame Retardant Material---FMS EPS products accounted for the total number of plastic about 40%, while at the same time fail to even 1% flame retardant products.
Our polymer (a variety of plastics including engineering plastics) flame retardant is mainly based on quantity, efficiency and high adaptability of additive brominated flame retardants. More bromine in brominated diphenyl ethers (PBD PO) when burned produces carcinogenic benzene and alkyl bromides (PBDD) and polybrominated benzofuran (PBDF).And halogen flame retardant on combustion generated a lot of smoke and toxic and corrosive gases can be caused not only by fire caused by electrical system switch and other corrosion of metal objects and the human respiratory tract and other organ damage of serious shortcomings. Good
Flame Retardant Material---FMS EPS research in China, but also in the practical application of Flame Retardant Material---FMS EPS behind.

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