Hey everyone, it's Barid again... I thought it was time to talk about something that has been very useful to me, and no doubt useful to many other travellers out there, and I just wanted to make sure that any novice travellers out there were aware of it too. TripAdvisor is my go-to help and advice guide that is essential for me in any kind of travel I do, even if it is to another town in my country. You can find the places that the public most want to visit, eat at, drink at and sleep at. I have found some real gems!

TripAdvisor enables you to read reviews from people that have been to the places, and they can tell you their experiences, which can obviously be good or bad. Obviously with this there can be people who are generally fussy and hard to deal with, but I have been using the site for long enough now to be able to suss those people out. Some guys are just so vindictive, but anyway.

I also like to contribute to TripAdvisor myself, and it is so easy, having being able to link and log-in to your account via Facebook. If you don't have Facebook don't worry, you can easily set up an account via an email address. My friends can then see where I have been and I can let them know the best places that I find. 

TripAdvisor also allows the respective owners of each business/place etc to comment on all the reviews, so then you can see both sides of a story if necessary! It works on a system of voting out of 5, and you can see then see the average score and where are the best places to go. If there is anything with 4.5 or above, it's usually pretty damn good.

So please check out TripAdvisor for your next trip, anywhere, you will never use another review site :)

My pleasure,