This outside full color LED show elements which have

As a new era of outdoor media darling - full-color outside LED display, because of the speedy improvement of outdoor marketing, which more than 25% at an annual price of fast development, with their vivid and true visual knowledge, making the whole color outdoor marketing LED display (led lane sign)has turn out to be an integral part of the carrier. Particularly inside the commercial center on the city, crowded locations, outside full colour LED show is everywhere. Because of the specific nature from the environment, outside complete colour LED display within the efficiency and quality needs need to be higher than other standard LED display many, then, so as to meet the needs of outdoor show, outdoor full color LED display in the long run which has What are the components of it?


1, high-definition show

The primary carrier of outside complete color LED show because the spread of video marketing, you might want to have a high-definition display. These include high-resolution, high-brightness, higher contrast, higher resolution to make sure high-quality screen advertising could be a excellent displaying; it ensures high brightness screen below direct sunlight can clearly show; it can be a high-contrast colour screens only uniform image fine a powerful guarantee.


two, low-power energy saving

Outside full colour LED display has to be suitable to the get in touch with, we have to place energy saving as vital standards in manufacturing, including solution consumption, scattering properties and steel solutions and also other goods to install the needed level of respect.


three, huge viewing angle, wide location

Outdoor Full Color LED Display principal task is always to do advertising and image promotion, so let the audience see the screen more key objective is outside complete colour LED display, created with substantial viewing angle, covering the widest variety of viewing angles .


four, the high degree of protection

As a consequence of be utilized outdoors, and therefore has to be taken into account weather conditions, outside full-color LED(highway sign) show general to achieve IP67 degree of protection, to become able to fully adapt to harsh weather, guarantee outdoor LED display includes a powerful weather resistance, long-term use ensure that our consumers realize the maximum profit.


A great outside full colour LED show, it's essential to also have elements on the above 4 locations, additionally to outside advertising show on the option as a product advantage by relying not simply is really a high-definition show, low power, controllable adjust perspective, IP67 protection level and also other traits, but in addition required to possess their very own high transparent, will not affect the appearance with the aesthetic style from the creating, only exceptional within the outdoor marketing media show.