Archeage: Armoured’Up: Gearing up For 50

This manual will be designed for individuals above the extent of 46 and want to get ready for amount fifty. Please take note that not significantly compares to stage fifty craft-able equipment.

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one. The first point you wish to do is head over to Hasla that is during the very southeast of the eastern continent. When you've obtained there you might want to head to Galegarden and talk to Soyo right here:




2. When you've acquired your quest from Soyo also go accept the quest from Overseer Hichee that's while in the identical city as Soyo.



three. Now you should have quest "Good for your heart" and "Fertilizer Formula" entire these quests and hand them in for your personal Bow/Lute/Sheild and higher upper body armor set. You'll be able to underachieve these quest if 50 now.


4. Next you wish to head to "Cursed Village" that is slightly northwest of Galegarden, when your there talk with Hujang & Maru you must finish these quests as a way to unlock you're next item quest.


5. After you have completed the quests from Maru & Hujang, "Chaser Gonaro" quest might be unlocked to get you're Nodachi/Sword/Staff, get rid of 12 kosen heirs thugs and retrieve your reward.


six. Subsequent step should be to get on the western continent "Karkasse Ridgeland" when you haven't been before ask a friend who has to open a teleporter for yourself. Other strategies include: Swimming/Sailing/Flying/main teleporters.


7. Head to Iona during the western portion of Karkasse Ridgeland and talk to Yore & Geoff to unlock the upcoming item quest.

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8. After you have completed their quests you might unlock the search from "Jeyon" for your lower upper body armor.


nine. Once you've acquired you're lower upper body armor you must head to Dragonroar Fortress and speak to Minotaur Ushram.


ten. When you've finished his quest you should go marginally up the hill east to meet Elder Minotaur Rothram who provides you with the quest for the helmet. Entire his quest and you also have successfully leveled up for degree 50.