Precautions for playing toys

Toy is children’s partner as parents are busy for work and no time to play with kids. Now toys manufacturer in China could supply various toys for our kids for playing which will rich these kids daily life. However, we should have precautions when our kids play toys.


First, because toys are often bare, exposed, very vulnerable to bacteria, especially some plush toys no packaging, to pick on a few customer feel dirty. So we just bought a home or toys used to play, to cleaning and disinfection, to ensure your child's safety. For example, if you bought a car toy from remote control toys supplier, we should take care for the dirty things in car. Second, some colored toys, although attractive, but may be used in painting, such as metal toys coated with paint color pigment blocks, plastic toys, balloons patterned, these generally contain lead paint, children must wash their hands after played, otherwise likely to cause lead poisoning.


There is no doubt that in China novelty toys wholesale online, there are various toys for choosing from. As parents, we should pay high attention to these toys.