Fun and Memorable 21st and 30th Birthday Ideas

Whether you are turning 21 or 30 years outdated, birthdays are always something which we all look forward too. Most of us want to host a unforgettable birthday party which is exclusive and where everyone can have fun. Here are a few 21st kado ulang tahun unik ideas which can make your birthday party truly stand out and enjoyable. Its your choice if you would like to host your party at home in your back garden or hire a hall or a golf club room. Having themes for your party certainly are a great 21st birthday ideas. Here are some of the themes that you can choose from.

For your party, you can choose the Rubiks Party theme. This is one of the best 21st birthday tips because in this party you get to dress up in different colors of the Rubiks cube. At nighttime award prizes for the best and the worst dressed and remember to take plenty of pictures.

The next in the list of the best 21st birthday tips is to really have the theme of a Masquerade Ball. This theme is perfect if you really want to decorate. In this theme, everyone must wear evening attire with colourful masks. These 21st birthday ideas will be the best in the event that you hire a hall and decorate it with plenty of balloons and . You should also hire a DJ who'll not only play the most recent stuff but also something to waltz. If you are also searching for 30th birthday concepts which are fun and memorable then the above mentioned theme will be be great for you.

In case you are turning thirty you then should remember that it isn't the end of your fun times. Sure your days aren't carefree as the way it had been in your twenties nevertheless, you should remember that there are also many fun and memorable 30th birthday ideas that you can go for.

The first in the list of 30th birthday concepts is to go for a kayaking experience. Whether you know how exactly to kayak or not you will like the adventure of dealing with the wild rapids. If you are searching for 30th birthday suggestions which are daring and full of adventures then this experience is for you. While going for these trips, go for daily or weekend kayaking excursions in where you live. To know more about these trips you can examine the yellow pages or you can search them online.

Another great 30th birthday ideas add a blast from the past board game. In this game you and your friends take a trip back through the past years and check each others nostalgic memories. This is a truly fun-filled game which keeps you laughing all through the game.