Fig xA The host guest interaction between CD

Fig. 2. The host-guest interaction between β-CD and BaP.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
In this work, β-CD functionalized CdTe QDs were synthesized with β-CD and mercaptopropionic Purmorphamine (MPA) as the stabilizers (denoted as β-CD-MPA-CdTe). The QDs capped with the dual stabilizers, β-CD and MPA, not only showed improved ECL efficiency and higher ECL intensity due to the effective removal of the nonradiative surface state and deep surface trap of the QDs, but also exhibited selective response toward BaP as a mitosis consequence of specific host-guest interaction between the β-CD and BaP, resulting in decreased ECL of the QDs. On the basis of the quenching effect of BaP on the ECL of β-CD-MPA-CdTe QDs, a sensitive and selective method for the determination of BaP was developed. Under optimal conditions, a linear range from 87 pM to 10 nM with a detection limit of 29 pM (S/N = 3) was obtained for the detection of BaP.
2. Experimental