A50L-0001-0175 Fuji Electric IGBT Power Module

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With A50L-0001-0175 Fuji Electric IGBT power module, worry no more about the high costs of operating and maintening CNC-related machines! It’s guaranteed to make your machines cost-efficient and durable.


A50L-0001-0175 is a product of Fuji. No wonder then that it is made of top-grade materials. It’s tough because it’s armored for severed conditions and you don’t see armored voltage regulators often! The A50L-0001-0175 saves up on energy costs by assisting power energy during acceleration and even recharges energy during decelaration. Your machine will be secured from damage by the A50L-0001-0175’s alarm detection functions to prevent your machine from frying out from high energy!


Fuji A50L-0001-0175 is definitely one of the best voltage regulators for CNC-related machines!