Fig shows TEM images of SiO C nanofibers Si

Fig. 2. Photographs of a flexible Si/SiO2/C nanofiber mat. Free-standing, flexible Si/SiO2/C nanofibers can be folded without any structural damage.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
The morphology of SiO2/C nanofibers, Si/C nanofibers, Si/SiO2/C nanofibers, and CVD carbon-coated Si/SiO2/C nanofibers was examined by using SEM, as shown in Fig. 3. Continuous nanofibers were observed from the SEM image of flexible SiO2/C nanofibers (Fig. 3A). From Fig. 3B–D, it ABT-199 is seen that the surface morphologies of flexible Si/SiO2/C nanofibers, CVD carbon-coated flexible Si/SiO2/C nanofibers, and inflexible Si/C nanofibers were similar. Si nanoparticles were dispersed throughout the body fossil carbon nanofiber matrices with some particles agglomerated on the nanofiber surfaces.
Fig. 3. SEM images of flexible SiO2/C nanofibers (A), inflexible Si/C nanofibers (B), flexible Si/SiO2/C nanofibers (C), and CVD carbon-coated flexible Si/SiO2/C nanofibers (D).Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide