Conclusions AcknowledgmentsThe authors acknowledge financial

AcknowledgmentsThe authors acknowledge financial support by National Natural Science Foundation of China (51201151, 51172205 and 201403196), Natural Science Foundation of Zhejiang Province (LR13E020002 and LY13E020010), Scientific Research Foundation of Zhejiang Provincial Education Department (Y201432424), Visiting Scholar Foundation from State Key Lab of Silicon Materials, Zhejiang University (SKL2014-2), Scientific Research Foundation for Embelin Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars (Grant 2010609), and New Century Excellent Talents in University (Grant NCET 111079).
Appendix A. Supplementary dataThe following are Supplementary data to flagella article:
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Electrophoresis; Nanocomposite; Dye-sensitized solar cell; Lead sulfide; TiO2
1. Introduction