The Ways E3 Ligase
Made Me Rich And Famous

An exceptional biological question E3 Ligase is why tissue regeneration in mammals is constrained, whereas urodele amphibians and teleost fish regenerate key structures, largely by cell cycle reentry. Upon inactivation of Rb, proliferation of postmitotic urodele skeletal muscle is induced, whereas in mammalian muscle this mechanism does not exist. We postulated that a tumor suppressor existing in mammals but absent in regenerative vertebrates, the Ink4a solution ARF (option reading frame), is really a regeneration suppressor. Concomitant inactivation of Ad and Rb led to mammalian muscle cell cycle reentry, loss of differentiation properties, and upregulation of cytokinetic machinery. Single postmitotic myocytes were isolated by laser micro-dissection-catapulting, and transient suppression of Art and Rb yielded myoblast colonies that retained the capability to differentiate and fuse into myofibers on transplantation in vivo. These results present that differentiation of mammalian cells is reversed by inactivation of Ad and Rb and help the hypothesis that Ad evolved at the cost of regeneration.